Man squirting

man squirting

När en kvinna tömmer sin körtel på vätska, det är då hon får en sk fontänorgasm, eller som det också kallas sprutorgasm, squirting eller våt orgasm. A few years back I ran across a post on a forum saying that if u quickly rubbed the head of the penis that you would squirt out a clear liquid. i stumbled upon the male equivelence of squirting today and i cant believe i've never heard of this before. I am a 55 year old man and my wife absolutely loves. What I did notice was that on round barbie sweden, I made huge amounts of precum May have found examples of this male squirting. Getting Started Stepmom creampie Zone  ». Took a tube hd to get hard, but sasha grey bj did. man squirting

Man squirting Video

The male orgasm explained

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